The challenge of evil

There is quite a lot to handle here.

Remember there are different types of evil – Natural Evil and Moral Evil. Make sure you know which is which.

Then there is the formulation of the problem of evil known as the inconsistent triad, often drawn in the shape of a triangle

  • Is God willing, but not able to prevent evil? Then he is not omnipotent.
  • Is God able to prevent evil, but not willing to? Then he is not omnibenevolent.
  • Is God omnipotent and omnibenevolent? Then why is there evil in the world?

David Hume made a similar point. If there is evil in the world either:-

  • God is not omnipotent
  • God is not omnibenevolent
  • Evil is an illusion

Then we need to move into the theodicies

Augustine and Irenaeus are the two that seem to attract the examiner’s attention. On the grounds that pictures tell the tale better than words try this PowerPoint. Click the picture of the devil to view.

God and Evil

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