Paul Lamb seeks the right to be helped to die

paullambIn 1990 Paul was involved in a terrible motor accident which left him virtually paralysed. He has some movement in his right hand but that is about all. With help, at the moment, he can get in and out of bed, but because of the terrible pain her suffers he feels that his quality of life is poor.

Even now he would not be able to commit suicide if he decided on that course of action and he is challenging the British legal system which will not allow a doctor or anyone else to help him to die.

If a doctor or anyone else were to help Paul die, it might well trigger a charge of murder. While there have been no prosecutions to date on the assisted suicide issue, the Director of Public Prosecutions could easily decide to bring charges

Paul Lamb watched with interest the case of Tony Nicklinson who mounted a similar challenge to allow assisted suicide. Nicklinson’s case was dismissed and he died of natural causes before his case could be pursued further. “I watched Tony Nicklinson’s case and I just thought it was so cruel what happened to him.” Said Paul Lamb, “Through all the years, now and again you get something that sticks and that will always stick. I just thought it was so cruel, in a country where I was born and bred, to see that. I thought this was a fair country and I don’t see the fairness.”

Paul Lamb hopes that the Court of Appeal will grant permission for him to receive assistance in order to end his life.

Without a change in the law though this seems unlikely. Judges are there to interpret and not to create laws. At the moment the only hope for people like Paul Lamb seems to be to encourage parliament to make a change in the law.

See the Telegraph article.

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